I have recently accepted a role within a law firm in Brisbane in the graduate space.
As such, individual coaching is unavailable for the foreseeable future.
If you are interested in purchasing my Vacation Clerkship Application Guide click here!

Vacation Clerkship Coaching Package


Clerkships are coming!! If you are keen on a career in private practice, clerkships are very important to you.

This package is for tailored and personalised advice, guidance and support through the vacation clerkship application process, as well as for preparation for the Vacation Clerkship program itself. Don’t think it is over once you secure a clerkship - actually excelling in the clerkship is the aim of the game!

This package consists of 3 consult sessions in which time is taken to understand you, your strengths, and your worries and concerns. Then together we build a plan of approach.

What you get and how it works?

Undertaking these sessions during the clerkship application period, my recommendation is that the three 1 hour sessions are scheduled in the following manner:

  • Pre-application review - Your cover letter and CV are how you sell yourself. Are you representing yourself and your attributes correctly? Understand what is important to share with firms and what is not. Be memorable and learn how to make the most of your audience’s time in social settings and in application review.
  • Interview preparation - Ahead of your first interview and/or networking evening, preparation is undertaken to approach this event with ease and confidence. Personal branding, confidence, delivery at interview, and audience cues are just some of the topics addressed.
  • After first interview, but before second - Review of performance in first interview. Reflections considered, approach realigned, discussion of performance and pinch points. This may include role play scenarios.

Undertaking these sessions in preparation and during your Vacation Clerkship, my recommendation is that the three 1 hour sessions are scheduled in the following manner:

  • Pre-clerkship - Sessions consists of goal setting and methods to achieve, articulation of strategy and plan of active involvement in clerkship.
  • Early-to-mid clerkship - Review of performance and progress to date, interpersonal skills demonstrated, examination of stronger and weaker moments of clerkship, and how to encourage feedback. Focus areas highlighted for remainder of clerkship.
  • Second last-to-last week of clerkship - Review of performance and further skills to demonstrate, consideration of final impressions, seeking feedback and completing the clerkship understanding how you have performed.

These sessions assist to discover who you are and what you have to offer, and then showcasing that to the best of your ability.
With guidance and support, all is achievable.