I have recently accepted a role within a law firm in Brisbane in the graduate space.
As such, individual coaching is unavailable for the foreseeable future.
If you are interested in purchasing my Vacation Clerkship Application Guide click here!

Career Coaching Packages

I can assist to navigate the various pathways that present themselves to you, from job seeking in the early years of university through to developing as a high performing Lawyer. I can offer support in your search for a casual paralegal role through to vacation clerkship applications and then excelling in a clerkship. Personalised coaching and career guidance can build strength as you embark on your legal career, developing from a high performing graduate, to an outstanding lawyer. We all have a Plan A but if all doesn’t go according to plan, then a Plan B is to be formulated and pursued, all the while knowing Plan A can still be achieved without giving up entirely.

Understanding the impression points, how to engage authentically by presenting yourself, your strengths and your offering with confidence are just some of the emphasis of my coaching. I believe in you being yourself, and understanding yourself. Many people do not, therefore are not confident in what they are selling.

You have a lot of people giving you career advice – however are they experts in the legal industry, are they head of the recruitment decisions, are they confident of the firm’s direction and therefore requirements? Or are they your friends, parents, friends of parents, lecturers, the list goes on? You have spent a lot of time and money on your degree. Invest in expert advice to assist you to secure the pick of the best legal graduate jobs, and excel in your career.

I offer a number of graduate training packages to suit your needs. Take a look and see what suits you best.