I have recently accepted a role within a law firm in Brisbane in the graduate space.
As such, individual coaching is unavailable for the foreseeable future.
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Law Firm Graduate Coaching Services

LawGraduate Coach strives to motivate and cultivate high performance, relieve anxiety and build confidence through self-belief. Performance feedback is examined to create actionable items for improvement, and deliver truths consistently. A focus is placed on personal branding, accountability, initiative, and an understanding of personal goals and ambitions.

By working directly with law firms to provide this active workplace support, personal and professional coaching ensure individuals are operating at their highest level, at a firm that is right for them.

A strong level of loyalty, commitment and dedication is developed through this personal investment by a firm, and is vital at a time when top talent is absolutely essential to a law firm's success.

As an experienced Graduate Recruiter, Tanya Dunbabin knows what modern law firms are looking for in their graduates, junior and mid-level lawyers. With 20 years experience in law, and the last 7 years managing the Graduate Recruitment Program at Herbert Smith Freehills, Tanya's coaching style motivates and challenges growth, ownership and accountability whilst building sustainability for a career in the legal profession.

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Coaching provided as a staff benefit

LawGraduate Coach coaching could be offered a staff benefit of working at the firm. Staff could engage the coaching service directly, as they would if they were accessing an Employee Assistance Program's counselling service. Staff would have the ability to book appointments online, at their discretion, at a time that suits them. For the staff member this would be free of charge, without having to obtain reimbursement or prior approval. This is a confidential service for staff with costs met by the firm.

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Coaching services engaged by the firm

This service would involve LawGraduate Coach being engaged by an organisation directly. This would occur in a situation in which the staff member was aware that coaching was being arranged for them. LawGraduate Coach would be briefed by a Partner or HR Professional, and may engage in further conversations following the coaching session. These sessions would assist to facilitate growth, change or address performance development.

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Graduate Program Inclusions

To showcase the firm's investment in graduate and junior lawyer development, coaching with LawGraduate Coach is provided to ensure the early days at the firm are ones where individuals feel nurtured, developed and supported to achieve their goals. The first six months at the firm is a very defining phase - it is the time when loyalty is built. Sessions are provided to each new graduate once a month for 6 months to ensure trust and confidence is built. Sharing sessions with an external coach encourages openness and assists to deal with any emotional or professional issues that may be concerning the individual.

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Graduate Consultant Engagement

LawGraduate Coach can be engaged as a Graduate Consultant to the firm to provide advice, recommendations and actions for all elements of the current Vacation Clerkship and Graduate program. This could involve rotation conversations, permanent placement discussions, workforce planning, and program engagement. LawGraduate Coach can also be engaged in the capacity of strategic adviser in change management, retention strategies, graduate engagement and graduate workforce planning processes.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss the options listed above, or others that you may be considering. I am happy to talk costing and arrangements that may be suitable to your firm. I love working with organisations that value investment in personal and professional development of their most important asset - their People.