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"Yes moments" are opportunities to learn

The Splendour of Saying Yes

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Sitting in a crowded airport with a constant buzz all around - announcements, departing flights, excited adults and kids all pumped up on chocolate for Easter - everyone is off on a fabulous adventure.  It's not a long trip away for me, just over 24 hours which may seem crazy to some but enough time to create memories, have an adventure and luxuriate in a fabulous friendship. 

And it is saying Yes that made all this happen at the last minute, and I’m thanking myself for saying yes.  Of course there is always plenty to do, plenty you can rely on to say that you can’t make it or you are plain too busy.  But it is when the best opportunities present themselves. 

We get caught up in the elements of our own life - an overflowing inbox, massive to do lists and selfish wants. The splendour of saying yes, putting yourself out there, meeting new people and actively listening to others stories and experiences is when you learn more about th...

Is your Management Style a Critic or a Builder?

Are you a Critic or a Confidence Builder?

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As a supervisor or manager, it is your absolute responsibility to provide feedback to staff regarding their performance. This has a primary and exacting impact on how engaged they are and loyalty levels towards the firm. Some supervisors see the value in providing feedback, and some do not, or say they do not have the time. But you watch the teams around them, and for the leaders who know how to build performance, something operates differently. 

The linkage between performance, engagement and culture runs deep and it is leaders of law firms that set this tone. We operate in a time where there are multiple generations operating at firms, ranging from leaders and newbies to the profession, and this comes with different strains and difficulties. It is no longer tolerated that the way our leaders were trained, is how they themselves train juniors. The way people feel engaged in the workplace has changed and i...

The Five Must Have CV Inclusions

Five Must Have CV Inclusions

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People often ask the question ‘What do you look for in a CV?’ The answer is simple, but quite hard to explain. 

Employers are seeking the full package - intelligent, hardworking, committed, dedicated, innovative, commercially savvy, and ambitious.  The interesting thing is that you need how to show all this, plus more in your CV to get through the door.  

This Linkedin article surprised but reminded me how recruiters screen CVs.  Recruiters were monitored over a 10 week period with eye tracking technology to see where in a CV they looked and spent time.  The conclusion was that recruiters spent only 6 seconds reading a CV!  Now that is not true, as I ce...

Law Graduates do you know your values?

Values - What are Yours?

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Firms talk about values all the time - they are what shape them, their culture and their people.  It is what they use as guiding principles in their recruitment processes.  They hold them up as shining lights to guide them, their standards and behaviour.  They know them off the top of their head. So what are yours? 

This is a deep question that not many of us take the time to explore.  We don’t understand what guides us, what is important to us and what are our very own values.  Many people just go with the flow and let days creep into months and then years, like a life without goals.  By understanding your values and ensuring they align with your career path and employer, the ride is often a much smoother one.  

Values don’t just consist of one question you need to ask yoursel...