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Salary considerations for graduate lawyers

What is a Legal Graduate's Salary?

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As a baby lawyer there is a big question weighting on your mind.  With your first job you want to get started at a good firm, getting solid training, have people invested in you and get practical work experience. But the big question you want to ask is how much am I going to be paid?  

In your first job you bring theoretical experience.  You may or may not bring practical work experience, but you definitely bring a very willing and enthusiastic attitude to learn (well you definitely should!).  There is a lot to learn at this point, and the firm that offers you that very first job straight out of uni, will hold a special place in your heart.  They are willing to teach, guide and develop you. To them, mostly likely, you will be forever indebted for this.   

Pay Review Reactions: Advice for lawyers

Pay Review Reactions

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Not happy with the pay rise you received recently?  Do you think it did not accurately represent your contribution the year over?  Did you talk to anyone with the power to change it?

You have three choices here when you are unhappy with your salary review: 


1)  You can kick up a major fuss, bitch to all of your colleagues and friends about how you have not be compensated adequately for the all the work you did and demand a further salary increase.

2)  You can ask your supervisor calmly for a discussion about your salary review. You calmly present to him or her the highlights of your performance across the year and where you went above and beyond to warrant a salary increase larger than what you received.  All these highlights, however, should already be known by your superv...

Junior lawyers and happiness - How to get it

Happiness: Does it come from having more, wanting more or doing more?

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More, more, more - more work, more emails, more clothes, more jewellery, more money.  The western world operates from such an individualistic viewpoint that the desire for me, me, me and more, more, more is a common denominator.  

Driven to buy more things, and own more things, is it in fact bringing us true happiness?  Our self-centred approach to gluttonous consumption in the pursuit of happiness, fades once the new shiny item has been unpacked out of it’s bright and shiny packaging.  The marketing angles deployed ensure that we feeling the strong requirement to have to own one of these newest and greatest items that make us feel cool, special, unique and happy.  But we are all those things already without this purchase aren’t we?   Have we lost sight of that? 

9 Things To Do Daily If You Want To Impress

9 Little Things To Do Every Day If You Want To Impress Your Boss

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Refining the art to impress your boss early in your career can bring awe, fantastic first impressions, and a reputation that no new grad normally has. And then the support that this Supervisor will provide you will extend no end.  Want this? Read on. 

But first, before we continue, you need to make a decision.  Now I need you to stop your multitasking and focus completely.  This is the part where I need your absolute and full attention. How much do you want it? This is the question you need to ask yourself deeply within.  Life within law is not easy, otherwise everyone would do it. When you graduate with a law degree from a top university, you have worked so hard to build a theoretical foundation of knowledge, however it is the people you work with in your first clerkship, internship position or law graduate position that teach you the practical...

Financial Education - Who's teaching graduates?

Financial Education - who's responsibility is it?

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You have finally completed your law degree and about to start a graduate role.  Life is amazingly sweet and two (no, three) things go through your mind:  

  1. Shit, can I really do this?
  2. Awesome I have cash and lots of it !
  3. Where are drinks at on Friday?

Now the order of the questions may change for some people or the context, but I am doing my best to either make you remember your first job, or for those currently walking the path hopefully I nailed it.  

Starting out you feel there is no need for savings, super, health insurance and all that garbage, you have SO much time up your sleeve for all that later.  Now is about fu...